A collection of eggs for Easter, a Stiletto by Rodolphe Meunudier, amazing dresses for the show at the "Salon du Chocolat", an interpretation of Harcourt glass, a giant King Kong 3,5 metres high, sculpted by Richard Orlinski… these are only a few of the spectacular works to emerge from Jean-Paul Hevin's creative mind. 

Creativity at the heart of creation

Like a fashion designer, he chooses each year a theme that inspires him, always with a touch of irony and humor :

"French touch" (2017) with the "Cancan" log and the "Mimosa" egg,

"Folie douce" (2015) with the "Maboule" Yule log and the "noeuds noeuds" hens,

"Jouer avec le feu" (2013) and the match log, the firecracker Yule log and the "Maillot de Pâques" Easter egg.


Only one inspiration, chocolate

Between trips and tastings, Jean-Paul Hevin is always looking for new "Grands Crus" of cocoa. 

Every 3 months, he selects a cocoa among his favorites which inspires him to make 3 creations : a chocolate bar, a macaron and a chocolate candy.

In September 2023, Jean-Paul Hévin inaugurated the Nkolossang post-harvest processing center in Cameroon, financed with donation to the cooperative. A commitment to a more respectful and sustainable cocoa sector. For Jean-Paul Hévin, being a chocolatier-pastry chef today is no longer just about creating and making; it is essential to engage in a CSR* approach and take environmental and societal concerns into consideration.

*Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale