Sweets for Mother's day !

Published : 05/20/2019

It's time to find the perfect gift for your mom !

Every year Jean-Paul Hévin introduces his Mother’s Day creations. This year, your mom will adore them !

For this 2019 Mother's Day, Jean-Paul Hévin has designed 2 new chocolate candies that are sweet and delicate. There is the "Winged heart" candy and the "red heart" candy. You can find these chocolate candies in the different boxes offered in the category "Mother's Day".

Mother's Day chocolatesMother's day

Chocolate "Red heart": hazelnut and almonds cream ganache. Milk chocolate coating.

Chocolate "Winged heart": caramel ganache with dates, pears and spices. Milk chocolate coating.

If you prefer a symbolic gift, choose our range of chocolate molds. It is a great opportunity to pass a beautiful message of love through the creations of Jean-Paul Hévin. Because she is precious, choose the Stiletto, a superb chocolate mold she can wear and eat. Each piece is fashioned by hand and is unique, like your mom!

To show you how much it means to him, Jean-Paul Hévin has designed a dark chocolate lace heart topped with chocolate candies, a rare delicacy. An elegant and symbolic molding.

Many gift ideas to cherish your mom. Discover them on the website of Jean-Paul Hévin.

Happy Mother's day to all the moms !