Discover the new Easter Collection

Published : 04/11/2019

This year again, the Chocolate Master Jean-Paul Hévin dazzles us with his new theme "Travel-Travel". All his Easter creations were inspired by this very promising theme. For this chocolate prodigy, "Travel" first reminds him of Japan, the country that so often inspires him. It is also a notion that makes him travel in outerspae, or even in his childhood memories.

Discover the new Easter creations, available in limited edition.

For Easter 2019, Jean-Paul Hévin has decided to question the means of locomotion of these animals we all love. Let yourself be seduced by the new portable molds that this great chef invented for the occasion. The "Fishensac" and the "Poulensac" are ideal for all of your travels. These creations are composed of dark chocolate JPH 68% cocoa blend. They are filled with delicious chocolate fries and stuffed with praline craft.

Easter chocolate

The travel hen, the Roma bell and the travel egg are creations that echo the cities dear to the heart of Jean-Paul Hévin. These prints are reminiscent of the big cities that inspire the greatest artists. These three creations are composed of dark chocolate JPH 68% cocoa blend. The travel hen, as well as the Roma bell are filled with stuffed homemade praline. As for the travel egg, it is garnished with dry black and white chocolate fries, themselves filled with dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Easter chocolate

Also discover the April Fool's fish, specially made for the occasion. It is garnished with delicious dried sardines stuffed with dark chocolate. Also fall for the Airport Egg, ideal to carry on long-haul trips! It is garnished with dry chocolate fries and filled with dark and milk chocolate. Enjoy it with your family for the Easter holidays.
Finally, the traditional Chouette Voyageuse on the theme "Travel-Travel" will delight you. It is composed of dark chocolate and milk subjects filled with praline. Let it transport you to your childhood memories and delight you with those delicious chocolates.

Easter chocolate

Molds for children!
Find the classic molds of Easter, revisited by Jean-Paul Hévin: duck and sheep are wearing their most beautiful red bow to celebrate Easter as it should ! These animals are filled with dry chocolate fries and filled with dark chocolate and milk. Made in small size, they are perfect for children.

Easter chocolate for children

Find also the small subjects!
For Easter, discover the delicious artisanal praline revisited by Jean-Paul Hévin: eggs, animals and also bells. These small cello bag are available with dark chocolate praline or milk praline. It will delight all of your guests ! This year, treat yourself by offering chocolate creations - by Jean-Paul Hévin.

Easter chocolate

Happy Easter from La Maison Jean-Paul Hévin!