As a master of flavour, Jean- Paul Hevin gave birth to a collection of haute couture patisseries, which reflects for most of it, his desire to explore all the different ways that chocolate can be used.

Each patisserie is frequently updated to follow trends in order for it to be even better that the previous one. 




The collections are divided in several parts :

• The reinvented classics like the “éclair”, the “Mont-blanc” or pies.
• The original creations like the Tonka, the Mazeltov or the Passion.
• The travel cakes: as a modern man who spends his time between Paris and Tokyo, Jean-Paul Hevin wanted to create a cake who could handle a travel without worrying about the jet lag and extreme temperatures. With an adapted recipe and a well-studied package, his “all chocolate” patisseries (biscuit, foam, ganache) fill their goal. Call by the names of well-known airports, each destination represents a very different creation (ginger, vanilla, coffee…).
• The macarons: regularly awarded by the press (Figaro, Nikkei), the Jean-Paul Hevin macarons has a strong taste and pure flavours and is an inseparable part of the capital.  Their low level of sugar allows the ingredients (Grand Cru cocoa or fruits’ pulp) to express their strangeness.


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