Published : 03/14/2024

For 2024 Jean-Paul Hévin wanted to highlight the city that gave him so much inspiration through an exclusive collection. It is in Paris and for Paris that Jean-Paul Hévin decided to dedicate these works for the period 2023-2024.

Easter eggs

For Easter, Jean-Paul Hévin keeps an important place for the famous Easter egg, visited and revisited, this symbolism takes on different appearances each year under the limitless inspiration of the chef chocolatier. The Easter eggs from Maison Jean-Paul Hévin are meant to be delicious, so they are garnished with a selection of fried foods and there will be something for everyone.

The ''Réverbère’’ egg

Tradition and creativity mingle in this Easter egg reflecting Parisian elegance.

The “Réverbère” egg is a wonderful chocolate symbol of the well-known nickname “City of Lights” that Paris has.

This dark chocolate egg is, however, due to its fragility, only available in our Parisian boutiques from 03/05 to 03/30 inclusive.

You have the choice between the 15cm – 420g egg at €79 and the 18cm – 510g egg at €96 including tax.

                                                                              oeuf pâques 2024 jph

The ’’Montaigne’’ egg

Like every year, Jean-Paul Hévin's famous lace egg is revisited to give rise to elegant and thoughtful creations in several sizes.

This egg project, enhanced by cross stitches, is a nod to the Paris of haute couture.

The ''Montaigne'' egg most explicitly refers to the avenue of the same name, but it also refers in a more subtle way to another monument of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, through the pattern that these points of cross.

For Easter 2024, the “Montaigne” lace egg is available in 4 sizes, in dark chocolate, or with one half of a dark chocolate shell and the other in milk chocolate.

                               oeuf montaigne paques 2024   

The formats are as follows: 7.5cm – 45g at €12.50 / 10cm – 90g at €25 / 12cm – 120g at €32 / 15cm – 210g at €43.

Please note that lace eggs are available in store, by courier and by shipping, except for the 15cm format only available in our stores.


Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette Gourmet still has its Easter exclusivity. The “Paris For Ever” theme continues with the “Paris Tour” egg, a chocolate work highlighting some of the capital’s most famous monuments.

                                                                                    paris tour oeuf

The Paris Tour egg is made of dark or milk chocolate in 15cm – 330g format at €76.

This egg is available for collection from the store, at the Jean-Paul Hévin de Lafayette Gourmet stand only.

An April Fool's day ?

Can we imagine Paris without its metro?

Whether we like it or not, the metro is an emblem of the city, with mazes of tunnels forming a veritable underground city, connecting the four corners of the capital.

Jean-Paul Hévin denotes this homage to the Parisian metro with a touch of humor.

This year once again the well-known Easter fish as well as the other chocolate subjects are getting a new look. With the fish “Métro” La Sardine, the expression “to be packed like sardines” takes on its full meaning and caricatures in a good-natured way Parisians at rush hour on their favorite public transport… or not.

                                                          sardine Pâques poisson

The format for the “Metro” La Sardine: 19cm – 220g at €59 (Available: in-store collection only)

 You will find everything for gourmets

As every year, bags of dark or milk filled chocolates and pralines are available from February 28 in stores to Saturday March 30 inclusive and from March 5 until March 30 on the internet.

The bags can also be delivered by courier and shipped.

                                            sachet yaounde paques     boite paques 2024