L'Accord parfait

Published : 04/04/2022

As Easter approached, Jean-Paul Hévin took up the challenge of a champagne/chocolate pairing proposed by Plus de Bulles.

He chose the crunchiness and the sparkling side of his fleur de sel caramel milk almonds to accompany Nicolas Maillard's Monchenot 1er Cru cuvée. Small caramelized almonds coated in milk chocolate and Noirmoutier fleur de sel.

For this Accord Parfait, the magic happens immediately, you bite into an almond milk caramel fleur de sel, then the first sip of champagne comes to marry indulgence. The effervescence takes on a new dimension with the almond flakes while the vinosity responds to the delicacy of the caramel. Finally, in the finish, the accord resonates with beautiful seconds on the salinity of the champagne and that of the almond milk caramel fleur de sel.

Find in this box published in only 120 copies: a bottle of Montchenot 1er Cru Nicolas Maillart, a golden square of milk caramel fleur de sel almonds (150g), a bubble stopper to keep your bottle open, and a booklet revealing all the secrets of this agreement.