It's easter at Jean-Paul Hévin !

Published : 03/23/2022

The theme chosen by Jean-Paul Hévin is a whole program! Beyond the message of optimism and hope, it is a tribute to the popular tunes that we hum one morning and that make us happy for the day. It is also the conception that this creator has of his art: finding the successful harmony between tastes, flavors and perfumes that will seduce us. And Jean-Paul Hévin knows how much, there is nothing more serious than pleasure.

A head-turning creation 

In reference to Edith Piaf's song, this Easter egg is the signature piece of the art of chocolate according to Jean-Paul Hévin. As crunchy on the eye as it is on the palate, this chocolate merry-go-round will make your head spin. Chocolate 68% cocoa, topped with dry fries and filled with dark and milk chocolate.

Creations that give wings

Disponible en : 

7,5cm - 10cm12,5cm

Disponible en : 

7,5cm - 10cm12cm

Disponible en : 

15cm - 18cm20cm

For this musical collection inspired by the song "La Chasse aux Papillons" by Georges Brassens, Jean-Paul Hévin dresses the symbols of Easter with small butterflies. This gives a joyful and colorful collection, to display on your festive table! The eggs and the hen are creations offered in dark chocolate 68% cocoa or in milk chocolate 40% cocoa. They are topped with dark and milk chocolate dry fries and filled with delicious Jean-Paul Hévin pralines. A chocolate spring collection perfect for cocoa lovers.

Small animals

The little animals from Jean-Paul Hévin also proudly display their little butterflies: sheep, turtles, rabbits and even ducks. These little beasts are to die for! These molds are garnished with dry fries and filled with dark and milk chocolate. Made in small format, they are suitable for children. Very beautiful creations to offer or to hide in the garden.

Subjects available for shipping and 1 hour delivery by courier. 

Find the famous Easter pralines

For the Easter holidays, find the essential praline revisited by Jean-Paul Hévin: in the shape of animals, eggs or even bells. These small sachets are available in milk or dark praline chocolate, something to delight the whole family. Again this year, please your loved ones by offering Jean-Paul Hévin chocolate creations. A guaranteed pleasure for the taste buds!

Sachets available for shipping and 1 hour delivery by courier

Jean-Paul Hévin wishes you a happy Easter!