Traveller's cake Haneda

On a chocolate biscuit flavoured with almonds and ginger, a dark chocolate ganache and a light dark chocolate mousse made of Pablino cocoa from Peru. Well-protected in its isothermal box, this cake can be shipped anywhere, in France and all over the world. You can decorate it with Japanese-inspired chocolate elements, which are joined alongside.
Ideal for 4/6 servings.

Conservation : 6 days at 4°C

Eggs, cocoa mass, sugar, fresh butter, cocoa powder, ginger, cocoa butter, water, almonds, inverted sugar, acidity regulator: E260 acetic acid, E330 citric acid, emulsifier: lecithin of soya. May contain traces of gluten, milk, sulphites.
Traveller's cake Haneda
Traveller's cake Haneda

Ideal for 4/6 servings.

Price : 29,00€


Du 29 juillet au 29 août : interruption des expéditions et des livraisons par coursier.

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